"Do I Deserve a Beer?"

A Beer Advisor App for Friends of MADD

Disclaimer: This app does not offer legal or moral advice. Upon proceeding with the use of this app I agree, confirm and fully affirm that under no circumstances, any circumstances or other such possibilities that I will not hold, never hold or even think of holding the owners and developers of this app responsible in any way whatsoever, for any advices given herein regardless of how brilliant they are and despite the fact that they may or may not come from experts in the consumption of Aussie beers of all kinds. I agree that I am using this app purely to help me avoid getting drunk and driving while drunk. In the event that something untoward should happen to me, silliness, uncontrolled laughter, or any other odd thing  as a result of or in any way related to my use of this app and the information it contains,  I shall will not hold anyone other than myself responsible, and I most definitely agree that nothing in this app should be construed as legal advice in any shape or form.

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